Sponsor a Spartacus Hurricane drone to Ukraine


Donate a drone to the people of Ukraine. Aquiline Drones Corporation has committed to donating forty (40) of its Spartacus Hurricane drones to Ukraine. Assist by sponsoring additional humanitarian drone(s) to Ukraine. Aquiline will charge only the cost of the drone. AD is also sending its instructors to provide in-person drone pilot training in partnership with the business community and individuals alike.  The Spartacus Hurricane is a commercial drone with superior surveillance, inspection and relay capability – ideal for search and rescue missions, reconnaissance, and delivery of much-needed pharmaceuticals and other essentials.


Please consider donating a drone or any amount of choice, which will contribute towards drones, transportation logistics, instructor training and accommodations.


In addition to the electronic payment options provided through our store for the drone sponsorship, when donating other amounts, please send a personal, or bank check made and mailed out to: Aquiline Drones Corporation (Humanitarian Effort written in the memo) 750 Main Street, Penthouse, Hartford CT 06103.



Sponsor a humanitarian drone for Ukrainian citizens. Any form of assistance is germane to the survival of Ukrainian citizens; refugees – women and children, who are victims in these times of war and upheaval. Aquiline Drones is sending its Spartacus Hurricane drones to support the people of Ukraine. These drones are easy to use and provide excellent daytime coverage for surveillance, damage assessment, search and rescue and infrastructure inspection. Aquiline is also sending its instructors to provide basic drone pilot training at no cost to the people of Ukraine, in partnership with multiple community organizations. These commercial drones can relay the footage gathered for assessment. 

The need is urgent. There are several methods to pay for the drone sponsorship, include financing. Please act now and help the people of Ukraine overcome these challenging times.