Success kit for a commercial drone business


From novice to certified, commercial drone business owner – the full success kit for anyone interested in delivering professional drone services.


If you are purchasing more than one success kit, or purchasing on behalf of someone, please send an email to with the email(s) of the recipient(s). Include the order # in the subject line.




This kit contains all the four steps needed to train, gain expertise and begin your drone operations. 

We start with step 1 – ground training tailored for the FAA certification written exam. With a robust online curriculum, the course is designed for those with no drone or aviation experience. You’ll get to really start using your AD Cloud account at this point. 

The second step consists of an introduction to AD Cloud – a specialized cloud for UAV operations with edge computing and built-in analytics. Using a rich, interactive online educational experience model called Mind Expanding Journey, you’ll learn about the Command and Control capabilities that the powerful AD Cloud has for drone operations. The Flight to Future dashboard will keep track of your progress. An artificial intelligence, Spartacus, will advise you throughout.

Step three is a Mind Expanding Journey into a commercial solution. Once you select your preference, for example ‘perimeter security’, we’ll serve you a Journey tailored for the application, so you can gain both ground and simulator experience specific to an industry. This is the step that transforms you into a professional drone expert.

Finally, step four is the most significant step towards entrepreneurship. AD will provide a turn-key business configuration by registering your business, providing free insurance for one year and no-cost financing for your hardware and equipment lease. We’ll also maintain and service the drones so you always have the best equipment in the field. When you begin business operations, the AD Cloud dashboard will send drone job opportunities through its drone-on-demand service and integrate with the Command and Control module to set up your drone missions with proper FAA authorizations.