Spartacus Hurricane drone with cloud relay


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The Spartacus Hurricane an American commercial drone with cloud relay capability, is getting ready for take-off! This commercial drone allows for cloud connectivity via a companion Android app, requiring no additional LTE setup. Once you pair the drone to AD Command and Control, you can instantly access operations, mission and flight planning, along with optional AD Analytics services (coming December 2021).



Connect, train and harness the power of a drone cloud with the Spartacus Hurricane drone. This commercial drone works with the AD Cloud’s Command and Control service platform., allowing you to relay your drone data in real-time to the cloud and access it via a web based control room environment.

Included with the drone, sensor payload and accessories, is lifetime access to AD’s Flight to the Future program, where you can get certified as a commercial drone pilot and take additional courses in drone applications.

Also included, is lifetime membership to AD Command and Control (C2) and AD C2 Pilot. AD C2 is a web based operations management dashboard with a control room experience, while AD C2 Pilot is a free app you can download from Google Play for your Android device. This app works alongside your drone controller, providing cloud connectivity and data relay in real-time from your drone to the cloud.

This ecosystem is designed for UAV businesses where multiple pilots operating anywhere can be easily managed using a web based operations management dashboard. AD offers other drone models to supplement the Spartacus Hurricane for this ecosystem.