402 Agriculture – Smart farming with drones


Covering crop, orchard and livestock operations – the educational journey for anyone interested in delivering advanced drone-based smart farming solutions.


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This educational journey will take you through the ever expanding world of drone-based smart farming solutions, covering all the key aspects that you need to know before launching yourself as a specialized drone service provider within the agricultural industry.

To start with, we will first understand what smart farming is, by learning how people, drones and a wide array of specialized sensors are used to enhance the efficiency of farming activities, and how AI capabilities are effectively used to analyze farming data and further optimize outcomes.

Next, we will explore the wide range of drone-based solutions for farm surveying purposes, and learn how RGB, LiDAR and multispectral sensors are used as drone payloads to map large expanses or agricultural land in extreme detail. Then we will look into how specialized drone solutions are able to provide accurate fruit counts for orchard operations, and discuss the ways in which drone insights enable fruit farmers to obtain yield estimates, identify replant opportunities, and make accurate revenue predictions.

Crop health applications are also a central part of the course curriculum, where you’ll learn how spectral reflectance properties of vegetation are leveraged to help farmers detect crop stress factors early on, and mitigate losses.

In regards to livestock operations, there are three aspects that you will delve into – livestock counting, animal health, and herd management. In these modules, you’ll see how drones are being used to support animal farming activities, reduce costs, and significantly improve results.

Drone-based crop spraying is a solution that is covered in great detail within the course, illustrating the basic principles of how fertilizers and pesticides are applied within farming operations, and what benefits spraying drones are able to provide.

Finally we will investigate the manner in which advanced drone solutions are being deployed to support the implementation and monitoring or smart irrigation systems, how drone-based sowing and damage assessments are providing farmers with powerful operational enhancements, and to what degree data-driven decisions and AI-derived forecasts are empowering farmers to leverage increasing value from smart farming operations.