501 Public safety – Smart firefighting with drones


Covering multiple emergency and fire response scenarios – the educational journey for anyone interested in integrating specialized drone-based solutions into firefighting operations.


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This educational journey will take you through the ever-expanding world of drone-based smart firefighting solutions, covering all the key topics that you need to know before deploying specialized drone missions to support emergency and fire response operations.

To start with, we will present the central concepts of fire departments and drone usage, by discussing the expected benefits and walking through the process of setting up a drone operations unit.

Next, we will explore procedures and best practices that must be incorporated into drone operations, that help identify and mitigate risks, while meeting the high standards of safe UAV deployment that are required to support high-risk firefighting activities.

Then, we will study the Spartacus MAX series of drones from Aquiline Drones and the dual RGB-IR sensor payload, which is crucial for firefighting operations. Here, you will learn how advanced technological capabilities converge to deliver heightened levels of situational awareness, safety, and accountability.

Structural fires, whether single story, multi-story, residential, or commercial, are a central part of the curriculum, where you’ll see how drones are able to perform rapid initial size-ups, detect heat transfer, identify exposures, monitor shifts in fire dynamics, and assist in the determination and execution of well-informed fire attack strategies.

Vehicular fires are also covered, where you’ll discover how drones can be extremely powerful tools for multi-vehicle incidents, where a clear common operating picture is essential to mitigate flames and protect workers and the public from explosions and other dangers.

The course will also cover forest fires, where you’ll take a deep dive into how cutting-edge AI-enabled and autonomous drone solutions are fast becoming an essential part of wildfire management operations, allowing for outbreaks to be more effectively prevented, spotted, assessed, and suppressed.

Hazmat incidents, search and rescue operations, and damage assessments are some other application scenarios that the course will delve into, illustrating the multiple ways in which UAV capabilities are able to save lives, conserve property, protect the environment, mitigate impacts, and reduce overall manpower requirements.

Finally, we will present Aquiline Drone’s Command and Control operations management platform, which enables pilots, mission planners, and incident commanders to deploy and monitor drone flights in a reliable manner, with the support of enhanced connectivity and real-time AI data analytics.